Unwind Your Body Class

Tired, achy and out of sorts? Come unwind, refresh and renew

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09:30 – 10:30  at Maybridge Keystone Centre, Worthing – scroll down for Google Map

£TBA per person – Only 20 places available!

Unwind Your Body is a 55 minute class that will leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The class will work on releasing your fascia. Fascia is the layers of connective tissue below the skin and attaches to every muscle, bone and organ in your body. Like most of your body systems, the connective tissue relies on movement to keep it supple and hydrated.

With our repetitive lifestyle, movement tends to be limited to a fraction of the potential available to us and the fascia adapts to move only within the confines it is given. This in turn can restrict the ability for the muscles and organs it attaches to, to move well and in a healthy way.

This class works on gently releasing fascia to enable you to move more freely.

Good for stiffness and injury

Areas of the body that are not getting enough movement or have had injury will have fascia that is solid and dehydrated which starts to pull on the surrounding areas.

The results are aches and pains including stiffness, back pain, hip pain, neck pain, foot pain the list is endless. It also can contribute to you sleeping poorly, mid-afternoon fatigue, foggy brain.

Besides movement, fascia also requires you to keep your body hydrated with pure unadulterated water, little and often during the day is the best way.

What happens during class

The class uses various tools such as soft balls and foam rollers with gentle movements to open up common areas of repetitive underuse. Most of the work is done sitting or lying down. The movements are slow and small and you do not need to be fit to attend the class.

Every class will focus on different areas as when you release fascia in one area it has a global effect on the entire body. This class is not designed to be a workout but is a great finish to the weekend leaving your body ready to face the week ahead

You will need to bring water and wear clothes that are comfortable to move around in.

All equipment will be provided.

Classes currently run once a month on a Sunday morning

Who can do it

You do not need to be fit or active to participate but if you have any concerns please contact us first.

By the end of the class, you will notice profound changes to the way your body feels and moves.

By working on your nervous system as well as your connective tissue you may notice that your mind feels calmer and that you sleep better.

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Please note it is essential to book and pay online well in advance through the link below, as we have a limited number of spaces.

Next available date – subscribe for Early Bird email notifications
09:30 – 10:30  at Maybridge Keystone Centre, Worthing

£TBA per person – Only 20 places available

Afterwards you feel great

Unwind Your Body classes make you feel revitalized- the movements feel small and fairly slow but afterwards you feel great. Gaile Dean explains everything so it’s easy to understand how to do it and what bits are being worked and why you are doing it! Great class to attend

Caroline Burton

Eased the pain in my hands

I thoroughly recommend Gaile’s Unwind Your Body class. After doing some of the exercises in a Pilates class I realised that the Unwind Your Body techniques really eased the pain in my hands. Anything that keeps me moving well and pain-free as I grow older has to be a priority for me.

Julia Beuzeval

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