Retreat Day

Relax, unwind body and soul

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09.30 – 17.00 Worthing

Are you ready to stop the world and step into a day that is purely about you?

Come and join us for a day that will give you time to focus on nurturing your body and mind. A fabulous way to move into autumn with a day full of movement, learning and fun.

Our day begins at

9.30am -11.00am

With a Feldenkrais session. This is a gentle movement class that will explore the relationship between your mind and its perceptions of what you can do and totally dissolve the boundaries between them. I have been a fan of Feldenkrais for a few years and it never ceases to fill me with awe. Small movements that sometimes seem almost impossible, suddenly lead to you moving in a whole different way. Its opened my mind, body and life in ways I never thought possible. You will walk away from this class feeling light, free and amazed at what you were able to do. Alex Croft from Felden Krais Lewes will lead the class, you need do nothing more than listen to his voice and let your body and mind figure out new ways to break through old boundaries.

11.00 – 11.30

We will take a break for refreshments (healthy cake options from @thelittlecakeaway) and a chance to chat or wander the garden at the back of the hall, if you want to continue with some peaceful time.

11.30 – 13.00

Maggie Thorpe will then take us through a workshop on gut health and the digestive system. A fully qualified nutritionist and lecturer she is an excellent guide to break down the confusion surrounding what we eat. Should we eat high carb / low carb, what the heck are carbs? Low protein / high protein and what about all the biotics, pro and pre?

Maggie will simplify the maze of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis. There will be plenty of interaction and chances to ask questions.

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch will follow – A delicious vegetarian buffet from the award winning Veg Out Sussex. Hopefully the weather will be kind enough to let us eat outdoors.

The afternoon begins at

14.00 – 15.00

with an interactive workshop exploring the relationship between the skull,jaw,neck and shoulders.Modern life is not kind to the upper body and in this workshop we will take a look at how all these parts should work together and whether yours do! We will use movement to explore where your boundaries are and also to open up restricted areas and move work into the underused parts.

15.15 – 16.45

We will finish the day with a yoga/relaxation class from Vince Vince has a wonderfully inclusive style of teaching encouraging you to explore your own boundaries. His use of breath and moving energy will make this a class for everyone to fully enjoy and if we are lucky and can go outside you will experience the difference of moving with the grass beneath your feet and the breeze on your skin.

Our days are always fun, full of laughter and we welcome everyone to come and join us. We only ask that if you are bringing someone not known to us that they are injury free and able to move without assistance.

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Something new that may just make life that little bit better

A Retreat Day with Gaile and the other guest teachers/speakers is a retreat for both body and soul. It is not just about exercise. It is also about learning to listen to your body and picking up ideas on how to look after it in the busy environment we live in. All the sessions including the lunch and breaks ask and answer questions on how you may be able to move or eat better. Some sessions may suit better than others but it is always a great introduction to something new that may just make life that little bit better. A great day!

Els Standaert

Brilliant way to explore new mind and body experiences

Retreat Days are a brilliant way to explore new mind and body experiences as well as more familiar Pilates and yoga exercises. Refreshments and lunches are also always original ideas and tasty too, particularly when we were encouraged to eat the plates! I’d definitely recommend coming along to a retreat day.

Sara Baird

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