Moody Menopause and Magic Mushrooms

And so the next stage of life begins …

I guess I’m at an age when the menopause is beginning to start although, so far, the only sign I have is utter rage. For no apparent reason anger can sweep through me at the drop of a hat.

I’m talking serious teenage type screaming, shouting, being nasty kind of anger. Theres a little voice in my head telling me Im being unreasonable but the angry frustration is a louder stronger voice.Then there’s usually a crashing weariness that follows leaving me feeling like I’m struggling to get through the day

When you look, the path is clear

Driving to work, I tuned into one of my favourite podcasts, The Model Health Show, and listened to Shawn interviewing Tero Isokauppila about medicinal mushrooms. He caught my attention when he started to talk about mushrooms returning hormones to balance.

Always a sucker for anything natural I started to listen properly.

Turns out, mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for over two thousand years. A lot of pharmaceutical drugs have compounds from mushrooms so there was definitely more to learn here than frying portobellos in butter and sage!

And so down the magic mushroom path I go

I bought the book Healing Mushrooms by Tero.

I started to read the book and jumping out of the page was the sentence that Reishi, which is an adaptogen mushroom, was good for hormone balance.

Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that protect the body from stress by stabilising and optimising its physiological functions. It helps the body in a non specific way and will adapt its healing properties to whatever you need.

I decided to try coffee with Lionsmane and Chaga which is good for clearing brain fog and getting you thinking clearly, Reishi Cacao hot drink for relaxation and hormone balance, and Cordyceps Cacao for all day energy.

Magic chocolate, life doesn’t get better than that!

I checked out Four Sigmatic’s website first, although I’m an impatient bunny and bought from Amazon Prime so I could have it the next day and get going.

I decided to try the Reishi first, not really expecting anything miraculous. The drink itself was like a dark hot chocolate. I don’t like sweet chocolate so it tasted fine to me but if you have a sweeter tooth, you might want to add a natural sweetener.

It wasn’t long, 20 minutes or so, before an aura of calm settled over me and within an hour I felt back to my normal happy self.

That night I felt like I didn’t sleep that well as I dreamt a lot (very rare for me) but the next day, expecting to feel tired, I wasn’t. My energy levels were back to normal and I was bouncing through my day.

For me personally, this has proven to be my magic mushroom. I don’t get the mood swings or the extreme tiredness that was beginning to be irritating.

The Lionsmane and chaga coffee is almost too much for me. The Reishi has cleared the foggy brain feeling so Ill save the coffee for another time.

The Cordyceps is a revitalising mushroom and apparently improves libido, you can check that out for yourself…

I vary between Reishi and Cordyceps and that seems to be perfect for me to stay energised and calm everyday.I like to start my day with one of them or have drunk a cup by lunchtime.This works perfectly for me giving me a calm even balance during the day and a great nights sleep

And now I’m hooked

I’m now reading and finding all the many studies that have been done on these mushrooms and so far the results are impressive.

I haven’t had hot flushes or joint pains or anything like that, so if you have and the mushrooms help, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

My advice would be to try Four Sigmatic as the way the good stuff is extracted from the mushrooms is very important . From what I have read, this can be the difference between the mushrooms making a difference to your issue or changing nothing.