From The Feet Up Workshop

Fix yourself with Anatomy 101 – from foot pain to neck pain and how it all connects

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09:30 – 14:30 at Maybridge Keystone Centre, Worthing – scroll down for Google Map
£60 per person – max 12 people

This 4 hour workshop is an introduction to basic body mechanics

You will discover the common postural misalignments that may be affecting you in ways you never thought possible.

Yes, your calf muscle truly could be responsible for your aching neck and shoulders!

The goal of the workshop is to see how your whole body is shaped by the way you move daily and how all the parts interact with each other.

First, we’ll take a good look at you

We will start by looking at your foot alignment and how that has shaped the way your knees move. In turn, we will see how this has affected the alignment of your hip socket and how your pelvis sits on top of all these structures.

Along the way we will do simple exercises that you can take away with you to do on a daily basis to straighten you out.

Next is the rib tickler

We won’t really be tickling you, honest! During the second part of the workshop we will look at your ribcage placement and how that affects the alignment of your shoulder girdle and your neck and head. You may be surprised to see how everything relates back to your feet.

What you’ll discover

The goal of the day is for you to be able to identify what you want/need to work on and clearly understand the corrective exercises for that area. Bear in mind we will keep looking at the body as a whole as nothing works as a single entity.

You need to know this

It will be helpful if you have a camera or camera phone to bring it as it can be a useful reminder when you get back home. Wearing loose leggings or clothing that can be rolled up to reveal the back of your knees is essential. We will be working in partners for some of the day.

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Next date to be advised – subscribe for email notifications
09:30 – 14:30 Worthing – scroll down for map
£60 per person

A lot of useful stuff learned to help with my feet and posture

Thank you very much for yesterday’s class. Reflecting on all we did and the resources you’ve sent out, I feel there is a lot of useful stuff that I’ve learned to help with my feet and posture. Funnily enough, although bare feet is a stretch for me I have been just wearing socks without slippers in the house for a few weeks now as I’ve instinctively felt that’s been better for my dodgy foot and bunion. So with the exercises too that should be even better!

Wendy Longhurst

A very interesting workshop

Thank you  for all your hard work and a very interesting workshop leading to new insights and challenges! It is a privilege to be able to practice in your class.

Birgit Woolley

My neck pain had diminished significantly

After months of neck pain, my pain had diminished significantly by the end of the workshop and by Monday had almost gone. I feel confident that I can continue to improve with the help of the manual which is excellent.

Brilliant – I’d go again

Well done Gaile – super super From The Feet Up Workshop today – and for once my brain hurts more than my body…..brilliant – I’d go again tomorrow.

Liz Briscoe

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