Don’t Blame Old Age

My hubby and I were watching A Place In The Sun (I know, but there has to be some guilty pleasures in life). A couple, similar in age to us, 50+, were looking for a home in sunny España. The house that drew their attention was the one that was all on one floor as “…at their age they needed to think of these things”.

My jaw literally hit the floor.

Even my hubby who has to be dragged off his computer kicking and screaming burst out laughing at the thought of us needing to contemplate buying a special house for our age.

What really began to bother me was the concept that they were already shaping what their future would be by making life easier for themselves.

The moment you take your mind down the road of creating an easier life you are already beginning to take ranges of movement out of your daily life.

For a western society who already don’t move enough during our day, the idea of removing something to do less is an idea we should be challenging all of the time.

One of the biggest challenges I have as a movement teacher, is working with people whose minds have already been conditioned to believe they cant do something because of their age.

They literally become their own barrier to moving more because society has led them to believe slowing down and not being able to do things is normal as you get older.

The term use it or lose it really does have truth at its heart

People are always surprised to discover they can’t do a simple action like stand on one leg to put their socks on without wobbling.

I’ve watched clients aged 30+ use the wall or the floor to steady themselves when balance is required to carry out a movement. If you don’t have it at this age it’s certainly not going to reappear in your 60s and 70s.

The problem is by the time you recognise you dont have balance you’ll blame it on your age not the fact that the life you have been leading hasn’t required you to balance on a daily basis so the skill wasn’t maintained.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have cautioned me against barefoot walking or climbing trees at my age. If you really want to piss me off, tell me that my age is stopping me from doing something!

I’m happy to accept that I may have lost some skills and so do the work to acquire them back but I will never blame my age.