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Move More Naturally helps you discover more about how your body works so you can free yourself from pain.

We aim to empower you to get yourself out of pain and back to moving well through life. From the feet up you can learn how each piece of the puzzle connects.

Your neck/shoulder pain could well be related to your stiff feet and tight calves.

Your back pain might be connected to your stiff toes and choices of footwear.

Learn how your daily habits may be responsible for a large part of your troubles and how moving more throughout your day can take you out of pain into a strong and healthy body without having to find more time in your day.

Join us on our wonderful Natural Elements Pilates Yoga, Retreat Day, From The Feet Up Workshop or Unwind Your Body Class

From The Feet Up Workshop - Realign Your Body with Gaile Dean

From The Feet Up

Fix yourself with Anatomy 101 - everything from foot pain to neck pain and how it all connects


Unwind Your Body with Gaile Dean

Unwind Your Body

Tired, achy and out of sorts? Come and physically unwind, refresh and renew yourself


Retreat Day with Gaile Dean


Move, eat, laugh and learn with something new on a fun filled day in Worthing


“ We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing ”

George Bernard Shaw

Meet Gaile Dean

Gaile DeanHi, I'm Gaile and some would say, obsessive body nerd.

My journey into movement and health started in my early thirties with chronic back pain which led me eventually to become a Pilates teacher.

I acquired the expected Pilates flexible and slim body but unfortunately not great health.

My back pain improved greatly but I always had niggling aches, pains and digestive issues.

A long story short I ended up in A&E with suspected appendicitis and spent a year waiting to find out if my breast lumps were cancerous, both of which led me down the path I now travel.

I was so very very lucky to be cancer free and my appendix is still intact today thanks to the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made and continue to make.

I'm a vegetarian by ethical choice but it has really worked for me and my digestive issues are now a thing of the past. I am not obsessive about anything but mainly avoid processed foods and sugar and cook most of my meals from scratch using organic and whole food.

Strangely, the biggest change on my journey has been my movement career.

In my constant quest for knowledge I came across Katy Bowman from NutritiousMovement.com and my thought processes changed forever. Katy's down to earth and common sense approach to the human body and its dependence on movement for good health struck a chord with me.

I discovered that some of my Pilates habits were actually responsible for my niggling aches and pains and almost certainly my digestive issues and poor pelvic floor health. I read everything of hers I could and was lucky enough to be among the last batch of teachers to take her certification course.

I ditched my shoes, my regular workouts and set about walking barefoot or in minimal shoes when society calls upon me to be shod.

Now I get as much varied movement into my day as possible and the results have been transformative. I'm stronger, fitter and in better health in my fifties than I ever was in my twenties and thirties.

I have had to come to terms with giving up long held beliefs and finding the courage to teach my clients what I have learnt, explaining why we no longer follow some of the old practices.

Convincing people that sucking their abdominals in and up is not a great idea and that they will actually grow stronger by not doing that has been the hardest part.

I hope that this website will give you a starting a place to find out what works for your health as we are all different and there is no one size fits all.

If I can give you what has worked for me and places to go to get information that might help you figure out what you need, then I will be a very happy person.

Good luck with your journey to better health, it's definitely there for the taking!